CPC 464 Audio in Jack holder

Created on: 10-04-2019  By Gee
Loading software from a computer with an audio file was working fine (with the correct settings on the computer), but the audio jack was just hanging out of the case through the datassette key hole. Meaning the whole jack was just loose on the wires. I thought this was something that would be good to fix.
I didn't want to drill my CPC 464 case as it was in ok condition, even though I bought the 464 in question to modify. So I thought about it briefly and came up with the idea of just using the air vents to hold something I 3d printed in place, which in itself holds an audio jack. The wires for which could be hidden inside this wonderful new item.
A few measurements later, I had something mocked up in CAD and then used the 3d printer to fire it out. It came out ok but the legs that go in the vents were a bit too thick to easily slid in place, so I filed them down a bit until it held itself in place with no trouble.
With the holder in place I could see little gaps round where the holder meets the vents. This was something I didn't really like the look of, but it didn't matter too much.
The next issue that I found was that the jack itself wouldn't fit in place. I hadn't left enough space to allow it to rotate easily and have room for the pins on the end that have the wires soldered to them.
After tweaking these issues out on the CAD file I printed another one and found that I had forgot to change one part that made the new holder not even go into place in the vents. Which part is this? oh the little cosmetic change that got rid of the gap round the vents.
This will need to be sorted and then another one printed.
I changed the font on the second print and it didn't come out legible at all, so I'll use one thats not so fancy next time.