Learning to make sprites

Created on: 12-01-2019  By Gee
I was looking through the contents of the cassette that came with the Teach yourself Amstrad basic book and found a blackjack game.
I played it for a bit and found it quite addictive, even with it's lack of graphics, sound or even wording that looked vaguely human.
I was thinking about how I could make it better by using sprites for a few things. Maybe even add some background music and sound effects. This led me to look into how to make sprites for the Amstrad. It took me a good bit of searching and reading to try find something that might work. I was thinking I might need to just remake it all in assembler, but I don't quite want to start doing that until I've grasped the BASIC language a bit more.
After a while, I found a post on the forums where someone else was wanting to learn the same thing. There were several comments in the topic which led me to trying out a few different things, including some type ins from magazines. None of which I understood very well, so I made my own post on the forums to ask for a bit of help.
As you can see, if you read the posts, it got a few comments and they were all helpful. I then started to understand what was going on a bit more and got my very first test sprite to work on my emulator.
So I'm looking forward to making some sprites and trying to make this BASIC game a bit more fun to look at and play. Who knows, I might then move onto making a series of casino games... but, baby steps! Lets see if I can get this to work the way I want it to.
I might go through the whole book that I mentioned at the beginning of this to help me along with my learning. That's what it was intended to do!
Keep your eyes open and you might see this game in the future.