Audio Input

Created on: 27-01-2019  By Gee
One mod that I found a while back that really peaked my interest was the audio input jack on the cpc464. This mod allows you to bypass using an old cassette to play audio files straight into the Amstrad. This means you are able to load software without having to record it to tape and hope that the recording went ok.
I bought some 3.5mm audio jacks when I ordered the parts to make my Amstrad Controller. Once they arrived I had a look over the how to page on the website and followed the instructions there.

After I had everything soldered in, I used an android app on my tablet to play the .cdt files. The 464 was registering that there was some input happening but gave me 'Read error b' no matter what the settings or volume was.
I tried different files etc for a good while until I found the correct settings on a windows laptop. I changed the output to 16 bit and the volume to 25%. It now works a treat. If i leave these settings and record the output to tape, the tapes work perfect on my non modified CPC464 too! even copy protected ones (I needed to re-record my Lemmings cassette that my wife bought me for Christmas).

A great and simple mod to have for your 464.
The only problem I currently have is that the 464's case plastic is too thick for the audio jacks that I got. So I might need to find a way to glue it in place or thin out the plastic to use the screw on locking ring that came with the jack.