Amstrad Papercraft!

Created on: 23-01-2019  By Gee
I was searching about the internet for all things Amstrad a while back and came across Amstrad CPC 464 Papercraft and I got all excited.
I'd never made any papercraft stuff before but thought it looked pretty cool. Right up my street.
Fast forward to Last week and I remembered about this. I downloaded it onto my work computer (during lunch! honest boss!) and printed it off at the end of my shift onto a4 paper. Sadly the printer in the office only prints in black and white. But I got it printed out and took it home anyway.
Once I got home and the baby was asleep, I set about making this little beast. It was a lesson in keeping to the lines and paying attention. After it was all cut out, I borrowed some glue from my wifes crafting box and put it all together.
I left it to dry overnight and admired it in the morning.
It now sits pride of place in front of the living room tv.