First News Item

Created on: 23-11-2018  By Gee
Hi all, This is my first news item and it's more of a test of my coding to make sure everything works.
So I'll fire in some blurb content about the site and why I'm making the website.

The main reason for this website is for fun. I like to code things and work out how things work. I also wanted to keep a note of all my projects and what I'm doing with them so that others around the world can do the same if they so wish.

The Website has been made with PHP, and I've deliberately made it so that it can be used as a very basic CMS. I might release this in the future if I feel its good enough to be scrutinized by professional web developers. If I do release it, it'll be under an Open Source license so that others can do what they like with it but contribute to making the source code better and more secure.

I'd like to fill this website with my goings on with making electrical circuits (which will hopefully allow me to then move onto making my own 8 bit and 16 bit computers with BASIC and/or CP/M).
I hope to make a few programs for Linux, one of which is already under way for making connecting to a wifi network easier than going into .conf files and messing about manually searching for the available networks.

I've got so many projects on the go and ideas in my head that I brought this website into life to gather them all and give me a reason to try complete them one by one!