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All Links found useful by Gee-k.net in alphabetical order

  • ACPC.me - Another French site with so much Amstrad content I can't even categorise it
  • Chibiakumas.com/z80 - Webpage on beginning in learning z80 assembly language. Much more on the whole site.
  • Cool novelties - A place to get all your retro cables. CPC to scart and CPC power cables, amongst others.
  • CPC-live.com - Amstrad CPC resourses and JavaCPC emulator downloads.
  • CPC-Power.com - French website with lots of CPC downloads and related documents, cover art etc.
  • CPCRulez - Another French website with lots of CPC downloads.
  • CPCWiki.eu - A valuable Amstrad CPC resource and its counterparts.
  • CPCWiki.eu forums - Very active forums on the Amstrad CPC's.
  • RockyBergen.com - This is where to get all the papercraft gloriousness! thanks Rocky!
  • Roland Radio - A radio station dedicated to playing the music from Amstrad CPC games in wonderful 8 bit!