Amstrad PowerPage 64

Created on: 07-05-2019  By Gee
I'd seen a while back about desktop publishing software that ran on the CPC range of computers and it made me want to have a go.
At Christmas I was gifted an Amstrad Action cover tape that had lemmings and a few other things on it. One of the few other things was PowerPage 64k version. I never really thought about it much as I was only in the possession of 464 computers and not a 6128 (I owned one but it wasn't with me at the time) and PowerPage required a disc drive to copy the data over to and then run from there.
If we fast forward to last week, My cpc 6128 was dropped off by a mate along with my two colour monitors. I set the 6128 up and had a little play about to check it over. I then set up the cassette input (as I had bought the cable to connect a datasette player a good while back) and played 1943 with one of my Gee-k MK1 controllers. After a short play of that I remembered that I had PowePage on casstte that I could transfer over to disc. I quickly formatted a floppy disc and let the extraction run. After it was all extracted and saved to disc, I ran the disc and had no idea how to use the software. I had a look over the instructions and started taking notes. After a while i gave up as it was getting late. I decided that it might be best to print the instructions off (on my new DMP3160!) but instead used an emulator to "print" the instructions and saved them in a .txt file.

During my investigations into this software, I found that there was no .dsk file or instructions available on the PowerPage article. So after I created those using an emulator, I thought I'd add it in for others to use in the future. I'll add it to this blog post too in case anyone reading wants to have a shot too.

I'm currently making my first video, and it's going to be on me learning to use this software. So stay tuned and you might get a laugh as I make a mess of things then share it with you.