Amstrad Controller

Created on: 16-04-2019  By Gee
After using my completed controller, I realised pretty soon that it wasn't very comfortable to use.
It worked great, but not very ergonomic. Now rather than redesign the whole thing, I made a surround for it to fall into. I drew it up pretty quick and then printed out a draft to see where I had made any errors. Thankfully, the errors I did make were quite simple and easy to fix. So I set about making another one with the corrections.
After this was all done, I had a great controller! Even if I do say so myself. I realise that it's a bit small, but it works well and is super easy to use.
The first night after it was all put together, the wife sat and had a game of Tetris with me.
I'm looking forward to sitting chilling with friends and playing some retro games!
Anyhoo! I promised the .STL files on twitter so they should be attached to this post once I confirm which files are the correct ones. I managed to save a few versions of the parts and not write down which ones were the best.
I'd love for others to have a go at making their own surrounds and controllers. This is the first time I've delved into this kind of thing, So i'm no expert. There will be flaws.