New Datacorder Keys

Created on: 08-04-2019  By Gee
My second CPC 464 was bought with the knowledge that the keys on the datacorder were mostly bust. I wanted to find out a way of making some new ones and thought of all different kinds of ways, Including making some out of wood! That would've looked awesome I think, but I have no wood working skills what so ever. So it'd take me forever just to learn woodworking.
This was until I got my 3d printer. Then that was a simple easy option. I took one of the original, still in tact keys and measured it out. I then drew it up in CAD and printed a couple out. The way that I had the printer make them made them come out rather awful looking on one side, so I had to have it print upright in a way that took longer, but once it came out it looked much better.
I tried the keys out on the computer and they worked fine. I noticed that the sizes were off a little and I re-checked against an original and sure enough, I had wrongly presumed that the buttons where square when they are actually slightly rectangle.
I went back to the CAD and made the changes. I also added a slight concave top to them as I felt they looked a bit odd with the top being flat.
The print was set up and I set it in a way that the resolution was quite low so that the print would be done quicker. As a result, they don't look anywhere near as good as they could. But they work fine and I think they still look pretty cool.
I added some hollowness to the last design to make the keys a bit more like the originals (which are injection moulded) and I must not have checked the wall thickness very well. There's no holes, but I can see where the walls are really thin on the keys.
I might re-print them one by one at some point. Changing some settings here and there slightly. Possibly getting rid of those hollow areas.
I think the blue goes well on the computer though.
Now, how shall i put the markings on the keys so I know which is which? I know what they are.. but it's be better to have the symbols on the keys too.