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Commodore VIC20

Created on: 30-03-2019  By Gee
Ever since I watched The 8-Bit Guy's Commodore series, I have thought about grabbing a VIC20 and a C64. He seems to love them and a lot of other people do too.
I liked the idea of a VIC20 as it's such a restricted machine, in terms of memory and character display. I'm not sure why I like machines like this, but I do. Maybe I like a challenge of developing for them. Not that I've started developing for any machine yet.
Today I managed to pick up a VIC20 not too far from me, and it was a great deal. The person had a bunch of games on cassette and cartridge for it, as well as a 16k expansion cartridge. Once I got it home, I gave it a quick test and everything seems to be ok. The power supply buzzes a fair bit, so I can only presume that it is on it's way out. Which is fair enough for a power supply that was made on the cheap almost 40 years ago. Also, the display was a bit poor through the RF modulator, so I'll get a composite video cable I think.
This wee beasty will have to hide in the loft for the time being before it becomes a permanent feature anywhere as I have other things to do first. But I couldn't resist the cheap VIC20 with all those games!