Amstrad Controller PCB's

Created on: 23-02-2019  By Gee
It's been a while since I last posted, yet again. I've been paying a fair bit of attention to the website code itself and not had much in the way of tinkering with the Amstrads and such.
The good news is that the website code is almost done. Although I doubt it'll ever be totally finished as I'll think of more and more things to add into it.
ANYWAY! I few weeks back I made my prototype controller and I then learned how to use some PCB designing software. Once the schematics were made I then designed up some PCB's and ordered them. I only ordered a small amount as they themselves are the next step in prototyping. There are already a couple of changes I'd like to make.
So today the PCB's arrived and I set about adding the switches and wiring to them. I was really happy with the way the boards looked and felt. They soldered up really good too.
Once all the switches etc were on, I plugged it into one of my 464's and made sure it worked as it should, which it did. So I'm happy with that!
I'll need to design a case and buttons. This should then give me all I need to work out all the things that need altering before I decide to make more for selling on.
Once I have these fully made prototypes I'm thinking of sending some on to some people who make YouTube video's that I watch so they can review them. Hopefully they give me some feedback on what they think is nice, and not so nice, about the controllers for the next step of production.