GT65 Monochrome Monitor

Created on: 05-02-2019  By Gee
Back in the 90's the family computer was an Amstrad cpc 6128 with a monochrome green screen GT65 monitor.
Since I started getting back into Amstrads I've been looking for one of these monitors again and I found a few in all sorts of different locations. Mostly in England and a few in Wales. Also find them in Germany and France, but never any really in Scotland.
That is until last week when one came up for sale in Edinburgh. I felt that the £30 asking price was a little higher than usual (I've seen them being given away or being sold for £10) but I wasn't too fussed as I knew that if I bought one from England, the couriers would probably destroy it on its way to me and the delivery charge would end up being the same overall.

My long suffering wife was informed of my gee-ky purchase and we decided we'd make a family day out to Edinburgh, then collect the monitor afterwards.
After a family afternoon in Edinburgh Zoo, we headed out to collect the monitor, got lost a few times as the satnav on the phone went mental.
Once I arrived, I had a quick chat with the guy selling it and he asked only for the £20 for the monitor, which was nice of him! The monitor was much smaller and lighter than I remember. Twenty odd years since last seeing one will do that to you I suppose.

So! when we got home later that night, when the little one was in bed, I set up my main cpc464 with the monitor and turned it on. To my surprise I could hear that CRT noise that was such a high frequency that I thought only cats, dogs and small children could hear it. Maybe my hearing isn't that bad after all! I then fired in Operation Alexandra (and then RoboCop) and had a little play on the monochrome screen. It brought back memories of playing Chukie Egg back in the 90's.. but better as I got to shoot things and use a control pad.

Thats me got (almost) all the Amstrad hardware items that I'm after so far. I'd still like a cpc 664, but I doubt that'll ever happen as I've been watching them sell on eBay for around £170-£200. I can wish eh?