Gaming on the 464

Created on: 05-02-2019  By Gee
Now that I have a usable controller to use with my amstrad(s) in the form of a prototype, I have been looking for games to play with it.
There was quite a bit of Hype about the CPC retro Dev 2018 on various social media platforms and forums. I seen one game in particular a few times and that was Operation Alexandra. I downloaded this, recorded it to cassette, fired it in and loaded it up. The start up story was great to watch (the first couple of times) and made me smile with nostalgic feelings. I played this for a few minutes and felt like my prototype controller was working exactly as I hoped it would. I made one change to the controller which was just to remove the COM2 line as I wrongly thought that it should be connected, but thats for a different post!

A couple of days later I found RoboCop on eBay for £8 or so. I thought it was too good an offer not to get it, So I did!
It arrived around a week later and it gave me similar nostalgic fuzzy warm feelings as I loaded it up.
This too worked great with my controller and I now want to play either of these games any free chance I get.