Making a custom joypad for the Amstrad CPC

Created on: 23-01-2019  By Gee
I have tried playing some of the games that I have for the CPC 464 using the joystick that I got with the first one that I bought.
The problem with this joystick is that the buttons sometimes don't register and the directions sometimes don't work very well. You can't blame it when it's over 30 years old!
So I thought I'd make a joypad for the CPC myself. I don't see any for sale that are specific for the CPC and new.
The Joypad is going to be similar to an old NES or MasterSytem control pad. Rectangle and simple. What else do you need for retro gaming?!

I ordered a few prototyping boards and a few other items to make the start to my Joypad. They arrived a couple of days ago and I got to work making the start to adding all the buttons that I want. One of the first things that I got to use my new soldering station on!
So far I've got the buttons in the place where I want them and I added some headers where I will connect the connecting wires and the cable that'll go to the Amstrad joystick port.

I'm going to make these compatible with the joystick port splitter so that two of them can be used at the same time. It would be great to see some games in the future being able to use two of my Joypads at the same time.

Once my cable arrives to connect it to the Amstrad, I'll get some more work and testing done! Can't wait to be able to play my games with a controller that works.