Repair Station

Created on: 07-12-2018  By Gee
I've been using a very old soldering iron which was left in the loft by the previous occupants of our home and it's... well, it's like trying to use a hot spade to make soldering joints.
Not only that, I don't quite know what I'm doing when it comes to soldering. I've never done much of it, and when I have it's not gone very well sadly.
I tried using the old soldering iron (which is an on or off type) to solder on the header to my raspberry pi zero. It didn't go well at all as the iron was too large to even get near the through-hole pads.
I've got a few things planned for my raspberry pi which needs the header on it (mainly learning about electronics and basic circuits) so the header pins will need sorting.
Because of this failed attempt, I went in search of a semi-decent soldering station that didn't cost too much and would be easy enough for me to learn with. I found a youtube video that was going over a cheap Chinese (as everything in the world is!) soldering station. They had nothing but good things to say about it and gave a discount code. Not sure if they were actually paid to make the video or not, but it looked like the kind of thing I was after.
Whilst I was on the website that sold the soldering station, I bought a few more things to make my learning how to solder easier. I bought some other tips for the soldering station, flux, .3mm solder (as I'll be working with tiny parts), solder wick, soldering iron cleaning pod, a soldering iron holder, heat resistant mat and a few other things that I can't remember at this moment in time.
I shall try making a video of the things that I've got once it all arrives, possibly in the new year as it'll be coming over on the slow boat from the other side of the world.
I'll hopefully be able to show off my newly soldered Pi header pins at the end of said video.