Amstrad Purchases

Created on: 25-11-2018  By Gee
Back in the 1990's me and my siblings used to play on our family Amstrad CPC 6128. Mainly we played chuckie egg and used a book that we had to code things in Amstrad BASIC. I remember copying some BASIC code from the book that felt like it took forever and then all it done was print some circles in random spots of the screen. But it felt great to have coded something that made the computer do things!
The screen we had was monochrome green screen (I believe it was the GT65) and I didn't even realise there was a colour monitor available.

Cut to this month (November 2018) and I have bought a 6128 with two colour monitors. Both of the monitors have issues that need fixing sadly. But the idea was that once I've fixed them both, I can use one for the CPC 6128 and then use one for a CPC 464 if I was to get one.

Today I was trawling eBay as I always do and found a CPC 464 that came with no screen but did have a power adapter and scart interface to link up to a TV. I managed to win that with a sniper bid with 2 seconds to go. Evil, I know. What makes it worse for the other person is that I won it by £1.

So my computer collection has started. Much to the dismay of my wife.

I'll need to have a good clear out of the loft and work out how i'm going to make it into my Geekdom.

Stay tuned for more Gee-k updates!